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Dues Period

January - December


Benefits of MPPOA Membership

Networking Opportunities

  • Membership provides individuals with access to a network of almost 300 public purchasing professionals in Michigan, and countless others from around the United States and Canada through NIGP. This network proves invaluable as members face tough purchasing-related scenarios.
  • Our membership consists of individuals from state, county and local units of government, road commissions, educational institutions and community mental health organizations among others.

Professional Development

  • There is perhaps no better way to strengthen the public purchasing profession in Michigan than through the encouragement of educational and training opportunities for our members. MPPOA's programs range from half-day luncheon seminars to 3-day conferences.  The MPPOA Board of Directors actively promotes professional certification through the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP); multiple classes are offered each year to assist individuals in reaching their certification goals.  View our Upcoming Events.


  • Annually, MPPOA recognizes its members for dedication to excellence and pride in their work.  You can view information regarding our awards on our website.

Membership Types:


  • Individual Membership - $100.00 (USD)
    No automatically recurring payments

    Active Member. To be a member of MPPOA, at a minimum, an individual must work for a publicly funded agency and have purchasing responsibilities. Individuals not meeting these requirements are not eligible for membership.

  • Lifetime Membership - Free
    Subscription period: Unlimited
    Lifetime Memberships may be awarded by the Board of Directors to members who have shown a strong commitment and participation to the Association.  To be eligible, a person must have been a member of MPPOA and be retired from regular, full-time employment.   Lifetime members enjoy some benefits of a regular membership such as, the ability to attend conferences and events at the MPPOA membership rate, but will not pay annual membership dues.  Please use this Lifetime Member Application to be considered for Lifetime Membership with MPPOA. 

  • Student Membership - $25.00 (USD)
    Subscription period: Unlimited

    To be eligible for a Student Membership, a person must be a student, enrolled in either Public Administration or Materials Management curriculum at a college or university. A person approved for a Student Membership in MPPOA, will be listed in the membership roster, and will be required to pay the reduced Association dues. Documentation proving student status may be required by the Board of Directors. This is a non-voting membership. Student members must reapply, not eligible for renewal.

  • Tier 1 - $275.00 (USD)
    Bundle (up to 3 members)
    No automatically recurring payments

  • Tier 2 - $500.00 (USD)
    Bundle (up to 8 members)
    No automatically recurring payments

  • Tier 3 - $1,000.00 (USD)
    Bundle (up to 14 members)
    No automatically recurring payments

  • Tier 4 - $1,800.00 (USD)
    Bundle (up to 32 members)
    No automatically recurring payments






The MPPOA was organized in 1971 and is a non-profit professional organization of persons (or their agencies) who are employed by or are elected representatives of a public agency or institution.

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